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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Tom Peters's 100 tips for success
Tom Peters, the guru of management, has started a series of tips for success and money making on his blog.

Though it is now only tip no. 4, i think there were events that i could have used at least two of those tips.

My take on it? - There are events and situations where if actions can be done TODAY NOW MAKE THE CALL, the unnecessary consequences that came out of it wouldn't have been possible. But hey, that's hindsight for you.

Tip No 3 - The rarest of gifts ... THANK YOU!
Tom Peters is capable of making the smallest of observations, and pointing out the bl**dy obvious. It's true that Thank You as a phrase might be overused, but i agree with his insight that sending it to someone, especially on handwritten notes, beats the hell out of tons of emails with thanks (autoinserted of course).

In fact, his blog is so useful, i've added it onto the list on the left.
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