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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Some interesting media clips
1) Steven Lim
Do you people ever click on the blogs on the left hand side?

Steven Lim, Singapore's most famous street eye plucker, was on the Singapore Idol show it seems a while ago.

If you ever think William Hung was good, (not that i would), Steven is the BEST!!!!

Check him out on Singapore Idol!

2) Mixmash of songs
This might be more for the folks that listen to a lot of pop songs. You'll need a lot of background knowledge to totally understand the mix, but this mix is now a permanent fixture in my mp3 player.

3) Jay-Z vs Jimi Hendrix
Jay-Z released an accapella version of his Black album, and all hell broke loose. Tons of different mixes, ranging from the Beatles, Metallica, Latin, Coldcut, Pink, etc were mixed onto albumloads of mixes. This is a rare one, and i'm glad that i came into hearing it. An awesome mix of Voodoo Chile and 99 Problems.

These clips might be gone soon, so check them out!
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