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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
bad driving experience
I thought I have improved on my driving skills. Well, I thought wrong. I was so spooked after the instructor kept correcting my mistakes in parallel parking and backing out to a corner. I was so mad with her. She kept yakking and I could not concentrate on driving.

She told me that I have better improve on my skills as I have five more lessons to go before the driving test. Thanks for your reminder, I will show you I can do it.

Jon seems to be unfazed by my complaints. He is either used to it or he could not care less. Fine. Even my husband has no response to this.

Fine, I will improve and stop bitching about her.

edit: corrected some typos.
Jonathan: I seems unfazed because i'm sure Sharon will be able to pass. No worries man!
Sharon : Liar
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