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Friday, August 06, 2004
Job Hunting Part 3
I have applied for countless jobs and I do not get any reply. I went to a recruitment agency to apply for jobs. The staff/account executive candidly told me that it would be difficult for me to find a job here as I have zilch experience working in U.S.A. Most of their clients would prefer to have candidates who have been working within U.S.A. That certainly didn't help to boost my spirits in job hunting. I think it is hitting further south.

I went back to the agency again for skills test. To my horror, I realised that I have very little knowledge of Excel and Word. I think I failed the tests. Well, I hardly use some of the commands they questioned. Maybe, those commands are commonly used here. Surprisingly, I scored very well in typing. Hmm..., it's a no-brainer job, what do I expect. One just have to make sure you type fast and accurate.

Everyday, I seem to be like a walking zombie. Life is so boring and predictable. No excitement, nothing to stimulate me to analyse stuff. What's the point of having a brain. Isn't it the same as being comatose?
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