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Saturday, July 10, 2004
Pro Club
The Pro Club is a family fitness centre for everyone. It is big and one can get lost in the club. The clubs houses 4 tennis courts, 3 california fitness centre size gym work out rooms, 4 basketball courts, 2 indoor pools and the locker rooms are equipped with sauna, steambath and whirlpool.

It is fitness heaven for exercise maniacs like Jon and me. It is just 20 minutes walk from our apartment to the club. We treat the walk as a warm up exercise The club is our weekend playground. Every weekend, we will pack our gym bags and spend at least two hours working out, going to sauna, steambath and whirlpool. It is a cheap way to relax your tired muscles.

Occasionally, you can find weird characters working out there. Jon and I noticed a couple (Japanese gal and American guy) hanging out at the free weight section every weekend. The guy is constantly berating the gal for no reason and then he will give her a kiss to make up. This scene really intrigue us and so we tend to look for this couple every weekend to see what they are up to. I wonder if we stare long enough at them, will they get the message that they are insane. But, will they think we are insame instead.
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